Wedding Details

September 5, 2012Blog

On May 26th, 2012 I got married to the love of my life.

Well that isn’t entirely true. We got married on May 25th first, in a civil ceremony. Okay so maybe we just had a wedding weekend extravaganza. This post is about all the little details.

Design Basis

To truly understand the significance of the tree and the couple, one needs to read how I proposed to Camille. That was the jumping point for our theme: a couple under a tree.

Engaged under a tree

We picked our wedding colors next, purple and silver. They were colors I felt were both regal, did not clash with the Indian customs, and that we could work with.

The Invitations

Camille and I got engaged on August 22nd, 2008. I spirited her away from work for a picnic and popped the question. It was a really nice day. You can read more about my preparation and the day in question here.

We have had many wonderful moments in our eight years together. However, I wanted to capture August 22nd in our invitations.

Letterpress printing is a beautiful art form. What I love most about it is the tactile nature of what it produces. The raised and lowered bumps and edges are a sharp contrast to the digital world. The slight imperfections in each printing give it that personal feel. I knew I wanted to use this for our invitations.

There is a picture of Camille and myself taken shortly after we got engaged. Camille flagged down a runner in Argo Park and we had him quickly take our picture. I wanted to capture that right-after moment. Camille, myself, a park bench, and a large tree.

After finding a good printer, a harder task than I first imagined, Camille and I had to decide on how we wanted this to look. I like themes, connecting each element to the next step. Colors were easier, as our wedding colors provided a good guide. So, with our printer we worked out what we would need to recreate that picture.

Letterpress printing requires the use of plates. The plates are pushed down on to the paper and with this leave behind both the ink and an impression. This means that any custom art work would need a plate. So Jim, our printer, set about replicating the image in a form suitable for printing. When our first proof came I realized something, letterpress printing is all about working with negative space. That sparked an idea for how we could distinguish between the save the date and the invitation, pruning elements. Jim sent off his art work to be put on metallic plates.

Letterpressing the sides

When the plates came back I knew how the division must occur. That is how Camille and myself found ourselves on the save the date. The rest was a matter of choosing fonts and sizes to produce the final save the date.

With the plate already finished, the invitation itself was simple to complete. The effect was perfect. Unfolding the card gives one the full image: Camille, myself, a park bench, and a large tree.

Invitation front

The Venue

The choice of temple was largely out of our hands. I have seen Indian wedding ceremonies done in hotels. However, my mother did not want this for a traditional Indian ceremony. I had only one demand for the temple, plenty of light.

Mandap with us

Set dias

The Bharitya temple, though unfinished, was such a venue. We got some very good pictures around it. The dais and tables were decorated in a traditional Indian style, with lots of flowers. It looked beautiful, as you can see.

ROMT decorated

The second venue was a very conscious and deliberate choice by Camille and myself. We wanted something unique, something that spoke to and about us. Something we would always remember. We had seen Justice perform at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. The first time Camille suggested the venue I was incredulous. But I trusted her and when I finally saw the venue two weeks from the date, I was taken aback. On the day of our wedding the theatre was bathed in our colors: gorgeous. A marquee announced our names.

ROMT Decorated

The Tables

Centerpieces against lightThis was a detail I left entirely up to Camille, her mother, and her sister. We got a lot of complements for this. I had seen these branches before, but never knew their name. The manzanita branches were placed in clear vase, with plaster of paris holding them in. Around them were these water beads in clear and purple. Since the Theatre was dimly lit, they helped refract and reflect the light. On the branches were placed votive candles. They helped increase the light at each table and provided another source of illumination. Lastly, the table cloths were white as well, ensuring an abundance of light was of prime importance. The entire effect was dazzling.

The name tags took advantage of the manzanita branches as well. The names and table numbers were hung off of branches at the entrance of the reception area in black vases.

Names with a stage

The Cake

Two cakes togetherThe cake topper was a recreation of our engagement, in appropriate wedding attire. This was a very specific plan and we were determined to find a baker who could bring this to fruition. The topper ended up being so big, the baker had to put it on a separate layer (which we got free!). The cake itself was absolutely delicious and in four different flavors. Of course in wedding tradition, we were so busy running around that we got nary our first shared piece. Thankfully, there were leftovers for the next day and next year.

The Day

It was a blur. I knew it would be, so I spent a lot of money on hiring a good photographer. We got up very early and stayed up until very late. We had a wonderful day. There was a lot of work and preparation. We had a lot of wheels turning, but for the most part we kept a smooth run.

Dipping on stage

The speeches were great, particularly my mom and Kevin’s (hah current wife!). Yes, my vows included Batman. The photobooth gave us immediate memories to take home. As the photos came in from all over we got even more. The food was lauded, both the lunch and the dinner. Those who came to the Sangeet got to enjoy a wonderful skit at my expense. The music at the reception was dance-music all the way through. I finally got a wedding with some good electronica played. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Most importantly, Camille and I had a weekend never to forget. As we rounded out our weekend I was hit by a pang of sadness–it all coming to an end. It was so wonderful I wanted it to continue forever. The Theatre sign had it right though:

 “Eight Years in the Making

 Camille & Rajeev

 One Night Only”

Marquee shaded by taxi

Unforgettably us!